Directive 24/11: Public events all around Europe organized by ACN partners

To discuss with the national Institutions, inform the public opinion and to compare their experience with the ones coming from other Countries, civic and patients Associations linked to Active Citizenship Network have promoted public events. In particular:

  1. In Malta the event "European Citizens' Rights, Patients' Rights, Involvement And Cross-Border Care" was organized by the association Malta Health Network last 24th June 2013; Read more.

  2. In Italy, Cittadinanzattiva-Tribunal for Patients Rights promoted on October 24th in Rome the Conference "Treatments without borders: it is now possible?" with the presence of the Italian Ministry of Health. Dowload the Report (Italian version).

  3. In Latvia the association Pacientu Ombuds organized in Riga on October 31st the international conference "Focusing on High Quality of Health Care in Latvia and Europe". Read more.

  4. In Greece, the 2nd Patients in Power Conference, titled "Healthcare Policy in Times of Extreme Austerity" celebrated on November 8th - 9th in Athens, dedicated a special session on "Cost of healthcare services –Challenges of Cross-border healthcare". The Steering Committee of the Conference was led by Κathi Apostolidis, Chair DEDIDIKA-Intergroup Committee for Cancer Patient Rights Advocacy-Vice-President European Cancer Patient Coalition. Read more

  5. In Poland, the Institute for Patien's Rights is organizing in Warsaw for the next December 9th - 10th a conference where ACN will discuss about the Directive. For more information, please contact the vice-president Magda Bojarska: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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