European Charter of Patiens' Right

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Community PRO (Participation Resilience Organizing)

Among the contemporary challenges, the ability of cities and territories to transform themselves into inclusive, participatory and resilient contexts, able not only to adapt to changes, but also to cope with them through good planning in the use of resources and directly involving citizens, is becoming increasingly important.

There is a directly proportional relationship between living conditions in human settlements and citizen participation in the construction of public policies. There is a directly proportional relationship between living conditions in human settlements and citizen participation in the construction of public policies. Participation fosters more effective decisions, more adequate services, greater protection of rights; just as the standards of living, safety and inclusiveness of settlements determine an environment conducive to the quality of democracy and to community leadership.

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Active for Young Professionals

The educational and training program “Active for Young Professionals” was launched in 2014 by Active Citizenship Network both in Italy and abroad. The program regularly offers internship and volunteering opportunities to undergraduate students and recent graduates from different universities.

The first biannual internship at Cittadinanzattiva Onlus began on January 12, 2015. Each year since then, Active Citizenship Network welcomes at its headquarters in Rome and Brussels preselected interns or volunteers, with a preference for students in European and International Affairs, Communications, Economics and Finance, Business Administration or Political Science; but also young adults passionate about citizens’ rights, civic participation, public policies, EU projects.

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Network News

Active for Young Professionals: Educational Partnerships

Cittadinanzattiva/Active Citizenship Network, in the context of the “Active for Young Professionals” program, established two educational partnerships.

The first with John Cabot Universitywas formalized on September 8, 2014 to provide internship opportunities to the university’s students. John Cabot is the main American private university in the heart of Rome for both Italian and international students coming from more than 60 different countries. John Cabot University and Cittadinanzattiva Onlus/Active Citizenship Network both share the common goal to facilitate the intern’s professional choices by providing direct knowledge of the work environment and providing a complete training with appropriate study and work experiences. If you wish to know more about landing a job with an NGO, click here to read the article and click here and here to view the collaboration between ACN and John Cabot University. For further information please read our statement here.

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Here you can find the first testimonials of some of the interns/volunteers who have collaborated with Active Citizenship Network throughout the years in the framework of the “Active for Young Professionals” multiannual educational and training program.

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