Sustainability: Meeting the Challenges of European Citizens’ Mobility from a Civic Point of View

For the Sustainability and the New Automotive Value Chain, Active Citizenship Network participated at the International Symposium on Sustainability on 16-17 October 2014 held at the Venice International University.
Active Citizenship Network presented a research on a survey in 8 countries (Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain)  on the following four topics: social sustainability, economical sustainability, environmental sustainability and passenger rights.

  • social sustainability: accessibility to transport, presence/absence of alternatives to private individual mobility, architectural barriers, traffic congestion, noise pollution, safety, etc.;
  • economical sustainability: transport accessibility accessed from an economic point of view, therefore addressed as an expense for the city;
  • environmental sustainability: issues relating to the environmental impact of transport and the promotion of non-polluting vehicles such as bicycles or vehicles powered by alternative fuels, as well as the promotion of new ways of driving;
  • passenger rights: non-discrimination, accuracy, timeliness, accessibility to information, solving inefficiencies and most importantly knowing one’s rights aspassenger.

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The event has been advertised in the following online newspapers:, EconomiaItaliana, La NuovaVenezia, Il and

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