European Consumer Day: Launch of EU project “Mobility”

Press release                                                                                     Brussels, 14 March 2013

European Consumer Day

Launch of "Mobility" in 8 European countries, to promote a culture of sustainable transport respecting the rights of passengers

To involve European citizens, primarily the public transport users and commuters, to help bring their needs to the ambitious objectives that the European Commission has set for the coming years concerning the sustainable mobility.
With this in mind, the European project "Mobility, a paradigm for European citizenship" kicks off in 8 Countries (Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain). 


European Mobility Week. Check out with the online quiz by Active Citizenship Network

European Mobility Week. Check out with the online quiz by Active Citizenship Network "What kind of traveler you are?" and discover our initiatives in different European countries.

By plane and train, when I entitled to a refund of the ticket? And if I travel by bus for long-distance? What is meant by multimodal transport? And for carpooling? And yet, by when will be deleted passenger cars powered by traditional fuels? And the old driving licenses?


Involving users in order to improve the mobility and transport services in Europe

Involving users in order to improve the mobility and transport services in Europe. Presented in Brussels the result of the project "Mobility, a paradigm of European citizenship"

It was held on 18th December in Brussels the final conference of the project " Mobility , a paradigm of European citizenship", realized thanks to the contribution of the European Commission.



New charges in Cittadinanzattiva and Active Citizenship Network

Cittadinanzattiva: nominated the new coordinators of the Tribunal for Patients' Rights and the European Active Citizenship Network

The National Directorate of Cittadinanzattiva, held the last Friday and Saturday, approved the appointment of two new coordinators network of Cittadinanzattiva in particular the Tribunal for Patients' Rights and Active Citizenship Network.


7th Patients' Rights Day

16 May 2013 - 7th European Patients’ Rights Day – Brussels Event

How to implement the Directive on Patients’ Rights in Cross Border Healthcare with  a citizen-centeredtransposition. The Cancer care as example of patients’ involvement in the EU health care policies.

ROME—Patient involvement in European health care is critical for the success of health services in the EU.

The purpose of European Patients’ Rights Day is to increase involvement of patients in health care policymaking. Patient involvement is even more relevant for this year’s event, as 2013 is the European Year of Citizens, and 25 October 2013 is the deadline for each EU member state to implement the Directive on Patients’ Rights in Cross Border Health Care.

The European Patients’ Rights day conference, which will be held in Brussels, Belgium, on 16 May, EESC Building, will consist of two sessions, focusing on cross-border health care and patients’ involvement. Along with the opening remarks from Testori Coggi and the MEP Antonyia Parvanova, the first session will feature a panel of patients’ and advocacy associations and DG Sanco representative to discuss the involvement of patients’ organisations in the transposition processof the Directive on Cross Border Health Care. The second panel, Implementation of the right to “informed choice”,will focus on the challenging implementation of the right to informed choice in cross border healthcare and on how different stakeholders could/should collaborate to guarantee citizens’ friendly information on treatment options, availability, quality, safety and prices of healthcare.

In the afternoon, Active Citizenship Network will present an overview of “The patients’ involvement in health policies in Europe,” a report covering European healthcare laws, experiences, obstacles and good practices regarding the general areas of patients' involvement, such as planning, decision-making, implementation and assessment, with a focus on participative policies in cancer care.

For more information about European patients’ rights, the 7th European Patients’ Rights Day and ACN, please visit

About Active Citizenship Network

Located in Rome, Italy, Active Citizenship Network is the international partner of the Italian citizen advocacy group, Cittadinanzattiva. ACN’s mission is to promote and support citizenship participation in policy-making in areas such as health, corporate social responsibility, education and training.


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