10th European Patients’ Rights Day (04 May 2016)

Reducing waste and inefficiency in the healthcare systems,
increasing quality of patient care

“Active Citizenship Network promotes this multi-stakeholder event since 2007, and as its Director, I am so honored to celebrate this relevant anniversary here at the EU Parliament”. With these remarks Mariano Votta, Director of Active Citizenship Network-Cittadinanzattiva opened the X European Patients’ Rights today in European Parliament, in Brussels, with leaders of civic and patient organizations coming from 25 Countries, some of them outside the European Union, such us Albania, Russia, Macedonia, Switzerland. With them, many representatives and leaders of 18 networks at EU level, professionals and experts, companies and providers, public relation agencies and other relevant stakeholders.


Patients’ rights have no borders (3 May 2016)

Launched in 14 EU Countries a communication campaign
on cross-border healthcare

A European communication campaign on patients' rights in cross-border healthcare kicks off in 14 EU Member States. The initiative is promoted by Active Citizenship Network andwill be officially presented to the EU Institutions on 3 May 2016  at the European Parliament in Brussels.The event will take place in room ASP A7H1 from 16:30 to 18:30, and it will be hosted by the MEP David Borrelli, Co-Chair of the EFDD Group and Co-Founder of the MEPs Interest Group “European Patients' Rights and Cross-border Healthcare”.


Nurses: A Force for Patient/Citizens Empowerment (12 May 2015)

Thanks to the increasing focus on patient empowerment, political leaders become more aware of the vital role nurses play in empowering patients/citizens in the process of continuity of care. EHealth services start playing a crucial role in integrated care.
On the International Nurses’ Day, which falls together with the celebration at the European Parliament of the 9th Edition of the European Patients’ Rights Day, both EFN-European Federation of Nurses Associations and ACN-Active Citizenship Network advocate for a highly educated, supported and developed nursing workforce in the right numbers to deliver person-centred care in which eHealth services are oriented to support better patient/citizens outcomes.


Towards the establishment of the new Meps Interest Ggroup “European Patients' Rights and Cross-border Healthcare” (12 may 2015)

Civic societies and patient organizations together with Members of the EU Parliament strengthen the protection of patients’ rights in the European framework: this is the main message coming from the celebration of the IX Edition of the European Patients' Rights Day, organized as always by Active Citizenship Network, the EU branch of the Italian NGO Cittadinanzattiva.
The event took place today at the EU Parliament, co-hosted by MEP David Borrelli Co-Chair EFDD Group, and MEP Gianni Pittella, Chair of S&D Group.


"European Patients’ Rights Day: Make it official!” (11 May 2015)

"European Patients’ Rights Day:  Make it official!

Active Citizenship Network along with 80 civic and patient associations from within and outside the European Union are calling to the new EU Parliament to bring to your attention on the institutionalization of the European Patients’ Rights Day.
The message will be launched in occasion of the IX Edition of the European Patients’ Rights Day, that will take place tomorrow May 12th at the EU Parliament in Brussels (ASP, Room A1E2, from 9.15 to 13.30).
The recognition of Patients’ Rights across the European Union is due to an increasing demand from European citizens and the reinforcement of these rights will become effective only with the cooperation and commitment of all the stakeholders in each EU country. Thus it is essential to increase awareness regarding the importance of patients’ rights and everyone’s responsibilities in guaranteeing their respect.



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