Press conference to present the IX Edition of the European Patients' Rights Day

"European Patients’ Rights Day:  Make it official!

Timing: Monday, 11th May: 14.30 – 15.00
Venue: The European Parliament, Brussels, Press Room Paul-Henri Spaak, 0A050

MEP David Borrelli, Co-Chair EFDD Group (IT) introduces the 9th celebration of the European Patients’ Rights Day 2015 in collaboration with Active Citizenship Network, the promoters of the initiative, and the endorsement of more than one hundred patients organizations all around Europe
This year, the European Patients’ Rights Day is dedicated on the sustainability of healthcare systems focusing on what concerns chronic diseases.

The sustainability of healthcare systems is a common good to be safeguarded, so a common challenge for different actors: Institutions at EU and national level, professionals, companies, providers, citizens and patients.
All around Europe, civic and patients organizations, as well as MEPs, are worried about how to find this goal, without the involvement of citizens, patients and their associations, with the consequence that the protection of patients' rights could not be taken into consideration. Indeed, the economic crisis has a direct impact on healthcare access, especially for the vulnerable population, which are exposed to social exclusion, increased private costs or giving up altogether medical care.

The message:
Faced with the above scenario, the institutionalization of the European Patients' Rights Day  could represent an effective message of the European Institutions’ commitment that any action towards a sustainable healthcare system should be done by putting patients’ rights at the forefront.

Time for Action:

  • For citizens: Online petition, open to citizens and patients across Europe.
  • For civic and patient organizations: Mobilization to celebrate, in 2016, for the 10th anniversary, the European Patients’ Rights Day at the national level at least in 20 countries, both inside and outside the European Union.
  • For the new European Parliament: Constitution of the MEPs interest group "European Patients' Rights and Cross-Border Healthcare”

Speakers will include:

Press kit:

  • Description of the 9th edition of the European Patients’ Rights Day (May, 12th 2015)
  • The Origins of the European Patients’ Rights Day
  • Six reasons to institutionalize the European Patients’ Rights Day
  • Time for Action: concrete proposals to citizens and patients, their organizations, EU Institution
  • The civic assessment on the Respect of Patients’ Rights at the EU Level
  • Key Figures on the Challenges of Chronic Diseases and Patients’ Rights in the Framework of EU Healthcare Sustainability
  • Cittadinanzattiva and Active Citizenship Network official presentation 

Italian NGO Cittadinanzattivaopens new office in Brussels

The representative office to the EU of Cittadinanzattiva and its European branch, Active Citizenship Network, will have the opening ceremony on next 12th May.
For the Italian civic association Cittadinanzattiva it represents a new and relevant effort. First of all, it shows how important for its work and strategies is the European dimension.  
The office is at Rue Philippe Le Bon 46 on the ground floor.


European Consumer Day: Launch of EU project “Mobility”

Press release                                                                                     Brussels, 14 March 2013

European Consumer Day

Launch of "Mobility" in 8 European countries, to promote a culture of sustainable transport respecting the rights of passengers

To involve European citizens, primarily the public transport users and commuters, to help bring their needs to the ambitious objectives that the European Commission has set for the coming years concerning the sustainable mobility.
With this in mind, the European project "Mobility, a paradigm for European citizenship" kicks off in 8 Countries (Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain). 



Press conference invitation                                                                              November 10, 2014


On 17th of November 2014, Active Citizenship Network (ACN)  and  Pain Alliance Europe (PAE)  will be holding in Brussels a press conference to talk about a historical achievement for chronic pain patients in particular and for the European society at large as well: chronic pain is on the EU Agenda for the first time! The request for a coordinated response towards chronic pain at an EU policy level, that citizens and patients sent to the EU institutions and to their national ministries, has been heard.


European Mobility Week. Check out with the online quiz by Active Citizenship Network

European Mobility Week. Check out with the online quiz by Active Citizenship Network "What kind of traveler you are?" and discover our initiatives in different European countries.

By plane and train, when I entitled to a refund of the ticket? And if I travel by bus for long-distance? What is meant by multimodal transport? And for carpooling? And yet, by when will be deleted passenger cars powered by traditional fuels? And the old driving licenses?



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