Informative campaign on IT Law 38/2010: “WERE NOT BORN TO SUFFER”

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The Law 38 of 2010, "Provisions for guaranteeing access to palliative care and pain therapy" represents a model law on the subject worldwide; its contents are also the result of the commitment of civic organizations aimed at protecting the rights and dignity of people in the health sector. In particular, Law 38/2010 transposes and formalizes the provisions of the "Charter of rights on unnecessary pain" and in part of the "European Charter of the rights of the patient" promoted by the Court for the rights of the patient - Cittadinanzattiva, in 2005 and 2002, giving full legitimacy to the "Right to avoid unnecessary suffering and pain" and to the "Right not to suffer unnecessarily", rights for which many organizations of citizens and patients, together with numerous motivated professionals, fought hard, fighting that idea of pain and suffering as unavoidable components of the disease.


European Civic Prize on Chronic Pain Collecting Good Practices - III edition 2020-2021

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Active Citizenship Network is glad to launch the third edition of its bi- annual project at the European level “EU Civic Prize on Chronic Pain - Collection of good practices” with the aim to highlight existing good practices in several European countries in terms of struggle against pain.

This third edition allows us to continuing expanding the “agora” of operators of good practices on pain, encouraging the exchange of experiences among health professionals, healthcare providers, Institutions, civic associations, and patient advocacy groups.

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Exceptionally, for this edition, the Prize recognizes also outstanding initiatives that have been put in place, modified, or updated to face and mitigate the COVID – 19 pandemic consequences on chronic pain patients’ life.

Aims of the project

  • Giving continuity to the previous successful collections of good practices: “European Civic Prize on Chronic Pain - Collecting Good Practices" First Edition and Second Edition.
  • Enriching European and national experiences, expertise, data and benchmarking on chronic pain.
  • Fostering the multi-stakeholder platform of operators of good practices on pain, created in the last years of ACN’ projects on chronic pain, at European and national level.



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The award is open to any healthcare stakeholder: patients’ associations, health professionals, private and public hospitals, universities, etc., also from extra UE countries.

The deadline for submitting your good practice was the 30th of April 2021!!

The types of good practice to be identified has been classified in the following categories:

  • Patients’ empowerment
  • Innovation
  • Clinical practices
  • Professional education

Exceptionally, for this edition, the Prize recognizes also outstanding initiatives that have been put in place, modified, or updated to face and mitigate the COVID – 19 pandemic consequences on chronic pain patients’ life and healthcare services.

Read more in the Guidelines 2020-2021

There will be one prize in each category, allocated by the Jury (see below the members) to the  best submissions.
The winners will be offered the opportunity to share their projects during the Award ceremony, a public European meeting pain-related, and a Publication in English in a suitable journal.

Here you can see the last two editions’ celebrations: Award Ceremony I Edition - Award Ceremony II Edition

All the gathered good practices will be collected in a Final Report like this one produced in the last edition:


For more information, please contact Daniela Quaggia: 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Other information:
“EU Civic Prize on Chronic Pain - Collection of good practices” - First Edition.
“EU Civic Prize on Chronic Pain - Collection of good practices” - Second Edition.
The Engagement of Cittadinanzattiva in the Fight against Useless Pain
Good practice: the policy of Cittadinanzattiva


Media Partners

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Active Citizenship Network is responsible for the scientific design and contents of this Project, that has been realized with the financial and non-financial support of



The Jury of the Prize is composed by the following project partners:

 echo efic  emha  Emnipre Spain 
 hope  nopainlogocurvo Pain Alliance  sine dolore 



Joined For Vaccination: speakers list



28th January 2020
ASP 3H1,  16.00 -18.00
European Parliament, Brussels 


Joined For Vaccination: addressing Vaccine Hesitancy and Increasing Uptake in EU. A Multi-Stakeholder Perspective


Official launch for the 2019-2024 term of the MEPs Interest Group “European Patients' Rights & Cross-Border Healthcare”

28th January 2020
European Parliament, Brussels


Pain Euro-Mediterranean Coalition (PEMeC) Aliança Euro-Mediterrânica da Dor

A primeira incubadora cívica de melhores práticas contra a dor em toda a Europa

Enquadramento: O que é a Dor Crónica e as suas implicações
A dor crónica é uma condição grave de saúde que afeta negativamente a qualidade de vida dos doentes, tanto a nível físico como a nível psicológico. Geralmente, a dor começa como um sintoma ou como um efeito colateral de outros problemas de saúde, mas após um determinado período de tempo, ela torna-se uma doença crónica por si só. No entanto, ainda é grande a luta para que a dor crónica seja reconhecida e tratada como uma doença e não como um sintoma porque não pode ser facilmente medida ou diagnosticada.


National consultations: European active citizens for vaccination - 2019

National Civic consultations on the life-course immunization across Europe”

ACN, thanks to the work and cooperation of its constituency of national citizens’ organizations in various European countries, brought together around the table different key people about the theme of vaccination: leaders of civic and patients association, healthcare professionals, policymakers and other stakeholders involved in each country in the administration of vaccines (these might also include representatives of the education system -for vaccination in schools- and unions/employers- for vaccination in the workplace).

They hold 3 national focus group  on the specific theme of “the life-course immunization approach in the national immunization plan”, in order to make an exchange of information on how the national immunization plan is organized in that country. The aims was find together proposals and gather impressions, suggestions, advices on that aspect and provide institutional and health care stakeholders with: the strengths/weaknesses of national policies and plans on life course - vaccination for each selected country; the common elements or specificities that affect a greater or lower success of this approach in the different countries.

The first 3 Countries involved are Hungary, Poland, Spain with the respective associations: Vedem Civilian for Vaccination, Institute of Patients’ Rights and Health Education, Foro Español de Pacientes and the Asociación Española contra la Meningitis.

After each meeting a brief national report for each country, has been produced, with opinions, suggestions and concrete proposals on the state of the art of national policies regarding life- long approach to vaccination.

NEW read the National Reports:

spain image001
hungary image002
 poland image003

Civic consultations:

  • Madrid, Spain - 26th November 2019, Real Academia Nacional de Medicina see the leaflet with all the details
    Real Academia Nacional de Medicina2

  • Budapest, Hungary – 9th December 2019, National Institute of Public Health
    Budapest Hungary 9th December 2019 National Institute of Public Health

  • Varsavia, Poland - 12th December 2019, National Aids Centre
    Varsavia Poland 12th December 2019 National Aids Centre



To know more please write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The project will be realized thanks to the support of


Read more about the Active Citizenship Network engagement on vaccination

The involvement of Active Citizenship Network in SIP

sip 2019

The "Societal Impact of Pain" (SIP) is an international platform created in 2009 as a joint initiative of the European Pain Federation EFIC® and the pharmaceutical company Grünenthal GmbH and aims for:


The involvement of Active Citizenship Network in SIP SYMPOSIUM 2019


More than 210 persons have registered to the international SIP 2019 Symposium on November 7 in Brussels titled “Bringing Pain Policy to the next Decade”, and many followed the event via live stream. Have a look at the impressions from the Opening Ceremony on November 6 in the Concert Noble where the winners of the 2nd edition of the EU Civic Prize on Chronic Pain, led by Active Citizenship Network, were awarded, and also the impressions from the SIP 2019 Symposium on November 7.


European Civic Prize on Chronic Pain Second edition 2018-2019 Award Ceremony


Award Ceremony of the II° Edition of the
strong>“EU Civic Prize on Chronic Pain - Collection of good practices” 6th November 2019
Concert Noble, Brussels

Programme (19:00 – 20:30)


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