An international recognition for AU and the entire Italian System

The document issued by the European Union contains recognition for both Acquirente Unico (AU) and the entire Italian system. This acknowledgment serves as an important international recognition of a legal and organizational framework that promotes the harmonious development of the energy market, in full respect of competition and consumer protection. Moreover, it must be emphasized that this document was issued subsequent to the final closing of the infringement procedure that the EU Commission moved to Italy on the founding criteria of the enhanced protection system of the electricity market, in force in our country and at the base of the activity of AU.

The aspect that directly involves AU is that, in the design of the market, the company operates in full compliance with European directives, successfully supporting the development of the retail market.
In fact, AU allows consumers to benefit from wholesale market prices, while also providing them with information on behalf of the Energy Authority on the rights and opportunities of the market. AU's role in the electricity market has been further strengthened by its task of improving the exchange of data between electricity operators. This international recognition is the result of the cooperative effort put forth by AU and Italian institutions for the benefit of consumers.
Currently, our model is gaining interest from foreign operators; several institutions, regulatory authorities, and state owned energy companies, both inside and outside Europe, are now studying the Italian model of consumer protection and market development.

By Ing. Paolo Vigevano, Chiarman and Ceo -  AU

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